viernes, 17 de julio de 2009

Teoría 6: verbos 5º parte

Simple Form Third Person Gerund Past Participio Significado
steal steals stealign stole stolen robar
tear tears tearing tore torn romper
know knows knowing knew known saber
leave leaves leaving left left salir
sit sits sitting sit sat sentarse
feel feels feeling felt felt sentir
be am.are.isbeing was, werebeen ser o estar
mean means meaning meant meant significar
ring rings ringing rang rung sonar
dream dreams dreaming dreamed dreamed soñar
smile smiles smiling smiled smiled sonreir
blow blows blowing blew blown soplar, arruinar
have has having had had tener, haber
touch touchestouching touched touched tocar
take takes taking took taken tomar
work works working worked worked trabajar
bring brings bringing brought brought traer
use uses using used used usar
sell sells selling sold sold vender
come comes coming came come venir
see sees seeing saw seen ver
wear wears wearing wore worn vestir
visitvisits visitingvisitedvisitedvisitar
live lives living lived lived vivir
fly flies flying flew flown volar

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