viernes, 17 de julio de 2009

Actividad 5: cuestionario 4º / 5º año

1. Does the train run by steam or by electricity?
2. Did you do your homework by yourself?
3. Did he send you the money by his mother?
4. Did you ever read a book written by Ruben Dario.?
5. Did she order her groceries by telephone?
6. Did you pay for it by check?
7. Is that handkerchief my by hand?
8. Do you prefer to travel by boat, by train, by plane or by car?
9. How did you send the letter, by airmail or by ordinary mail?
10. How did you come to class today, buy bus, by streetcar or on foot?
11. She sat at the table by herself.
12. I cleaned the room by myself.

1. I went by the drugstore and forgot to get the medicine.
2. On your way to the hotel, you will pass by a church.
3. Perhaps I went by your house, but I didn't recognize it.
4. Many buses go by my house every day.
5. I pass by the park every day when I go downtown.
6. He drove by me in his car, but he didn't see me.
7. He walks by your house when he goes to school.
8. He walked by me without seeing me.
9. She sent a message by the boy.
10. We want to finish the book by the end of this year.

1. Please learn these expressions by heart.
2. That is by far the best movie in town.
3. I am going by way of Florida.
4. By the way, what are you doing tonight.
5. They took me by surprise.
6. I took your book by mistake.
7. I know him only by sight.
8. They came into the room one by one.
9. Little by little, you will learn to speak english.
10. They sat side by side, reading the paper.

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