viernes, 17 de julio de 2009

Actividad 12: formular la pregunta o responderla según corresponda

1. How soon is he going?
2. How old is your brother?
3. How tall are you?
4. How big is your house?
5. How cold was winter?
6. How expensive was your car?
7. How far is Masaya from here?
8. How far is it from Nicaragua to the United State?
9. How far is the hotel from here?
10. How far is the ocean from here?

1. How many people are there in the class?
2. How many children do the Garay have?
3. How much time do you spend there?
4. How much bread did you buy?
5. How many finger do you have?
6. How many students are in the class?
7. How much milk are in the house?
8. How much money do you have?
9. How many mistake have you done?
10. How much noise can you make?

1. The teacher distributed the papes among the students.
2. There is no comparison between this book and that one.
3. You will find your book among the magazines on the table.
4. They will arrive between five and six o'clock.
5. I am going to look for it among my papers.
6. Thursday comes between Wednesday and Friday.
7. Her calling card was among those on the desk.
8. Maria found a program among her souvenirs.
9. The bookstore is betwenn the bank and the theater.
10. Upon the table is a large dictionary.
11. I laid the keys on the table near the door.
12. The pencil rolled off the table.
13. The pencil was on the table.
14. Mrs. Maria took the flowers off the table.
15. Mrs. Maria put the flowers on the desk.

1. Will they wait for us if we go now?
2. Will you talk English with her?
3. Will she accept his vacation?
4. Will he answer the phone?
5. Will you dial that number again?
6. Will they be back at six o'clock?
7. Will you see her today?
8. Will she be ready on time?
9. Will he call her before seven o'clock?
10. Will you go with me tonight?
11. Will you dance with my darling?
12. Will you be my lover?

1. You usually answer the phone, don't you?
2. Your number is in the telephone book, isn't it?
3. The telephone didn't ring, did it?
4. You weren't at home yesterday, were you?
5. You didn't call me up yesterday, did you?
6. The phone isnt' out of order, is it?
7. It is a dial phone, isn't it?
8. You have a telephone, don't you?
9. Pedro called for her before seven, didn't he?
10. Pedro hung up the receiver, doesn't he?

1. Maria isn't going to study very much, is she?
2. Maria is coming now, isn't she.
3. Pedro didn't leave a messeage, did he?
4. Maria wasn't at home, was she?
5. He had the wrong number, didn't he?
6. The line was busy, wasn't it?
7. Ever lives on La Calzada, doesn't he?
8. He dialed Information, didn't he?
9. Pedro didn't find her number in the book, did he?
10. The other person sometimes becomes impatient, doesn't he?
11. You make yourselft understood, didn't you?
12. It is difficult to speak English over the phone, isn't it?

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