viernes, 17 de julio de 2009

Actividad 8: formular la pregunta o responderla según corresponda

1. How much is butter?
2. How much is coffee?
3. How much are eggs?
4. How much is sugar?
5. How much is gasoline?
6. How much do tomatoes cost?
7. How much do apples cost?
8. How much does bread cost?
9. How much does milk cost?
10. How much do nylon stockings cost?

1. I understand Mr. Pedro because he speaks slowly and clearly.
2. She notices the difference.
3. They use formal greetings.
4. It rains a great deal there.
5. Juan speaks Spanish well.
6. We practice our English every day.
7. Juan studies very hard.
8. They come to class early.
9. He eats lunch at one o'clock.
10. We need vegetables today.
11. My friend has enough time.
12. They want to live in the United States.
13. Juan has a good pronunciation.
14. They like to study English.
15. He needs to learn French.

1. We are ready to go now.
2. He is very glad to see them.
3. They are coming to class today.
4. The teacher is explaining it.
5. I am studying the lesson now.
6. She is living on La Calzada.
7. We are leaving tomorrow.
8. They are shaking hands now.
9. He is a South American.
10. They are Colombians.
11. That is a familiar greetings.
12. We are writing letters.
13. I am waiting for her.
14. I am speaking English.
15. The students are late.
16. The classes are small.
17. The lesson is difficult.

1. Do you often go to the movies? no, not often.
2. There are no new houses on that street.
3. She does not like to speak English.
4. We have no hot water today.
5. There are no students absent today.
6. Is the pronunciation easy? no.
7. The teacher is not difficult to understand.
8. There is no bread in the house.
9. There is not a store near our house.
10. She is not at home now.
11. Not many students are in the library now.
12. There is no time like the present.
13. No other class wants to do that.
14. Not much light enters in this room.
15. Not many people like to wait.
16. There is no heat in the building.
17. No sentence is complete without a subject.
18. Not a man in the room speak English.
19. No news is good news.
20. We have no time for that now.
21. They do not have a class today.
22. They have no fireplace in their house.
23. That store does not sell paper.
24. The room has no windows in it.
25. He notices no difference in their pronunciation.

1. Is it always hot in Panama?
2. Are they often out of town?
3. Are you always serious?
4. Isn't she often there on Saturday?
5. Isn't he sometimes in that rooms?
6. Aren't you usually busy in the morning?
7. Are they ever late?
8. Is she ever ready on time?
9. Is there ever a lecture in English?
10. Are you ever at home in the afternoon?
11. Does she always have coffee for breakfast?
12. Does he often come to class late?
13. Do they sometimes shake hands?
14. Do you usually write letters on Sunday?
15. Doesn't it ever rain in December?
16. Don't you ever see Mr. Pedro?
17. Do they ever wait for you?
18. Does she ever play the piano for you?
19. Does he ever study his lesson?
20. Do you ever look at People magazine?

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