viernes, 17 de julio de 2009

Actividad 9: formular la pregunta o responderla según corresponda

1. His grandparents were from Italia.
2. He was never in the United States.
3. The children were not in school last week.
4. Was her signature at the end of the letter.
5. We were very busy last week.
6. His calling card was on the desk this morning.
7. He was not in the office yesterday.
8. Were you in class yesterday.
9. Her name was Alicia Zapata before her marriage.
10. There were five members in the Zapata family.

1. Were you expecting to see her?
2. Were the children playing in the yard?
3. Was he waiting for her?
4. Were you sleeping?
5. I was going to the library.
6. She was writing a letter.
7. We were listening to the radio.
8. They were having a good time.
9. I was studying my English lesson.
10. My niece was visiting us.
11. Weren't they waiting for you.?
12. Were you writing a letter?
13. We weren't talking.
14. I was reading the paper.

1. What are you going to do on Saturday?
2. What are you going to do tomorrow evening?
3. What are you going to do?
4. What are you going to study?
5. Where are you going?
6. We are going to live this house.
7. We are going to play.
8. She is going to the party.
9. He is going with her.
10. They are going to ruin my life.

1. I am learning my lesson.
2. Her name was Maria Zapata before her marriage.
3. The children do not use their mother's surname.
4. On her calling card her name is written Miss Alicia.
5. His middle name is Juan.
6. The North American man does not use his mother's surname.
7. Mrs. Maria loves her children.
8. Juan and his brother are studying Spanish.
9. On what days do you have your English class.
10. We are waiting for our class to begin.
11. We like to visit our friends.
12. Maria has a present for her sister.
13. The boys usually help their sister.
14. The boy usually helps his sister.

1. The dog on the porch is our dog.
2. Is her name the same as my name?
3. Is the magazine your magazine?
4. The coat is Maria's coat.
5. The desk is my brother's desk.
6. Here is my calling card on the desk.
7. The calling card is Juan's calling card.
8. The car is Mr. Pedro's car.
9. The radio is my sister's radio.
10. The room is his room.
11. Is the hat your hat or Pedro's hat?
12. The house is their house.
13. The shoes are his shoes.
14. The letter is my letter.
15. Is the book your book?
16. The signature is her signature.

1. They needed to buy the tickets early.
2. He lived on La Calzada last year.
3. She selected new calling cards.
4. They walked home for class.
5. The streetcar stopped in front of my house.
6. Mrs Maria prepared lunch for him.
7. Mr. Pedro wanted to have his lunch early.
8. She received several letter yesterday.
9. They liked the lecture very much.
10. Our friends rented the house on the corner.
11. Maria embraced her mother.
12. I answered all her questions.
13. The teacher asked many questions.
14. We pronounced the words many time.
15. We changed the sentences to questions

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