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Actividad 6: formular la pregunta o responderla según corresponda

1. The university has beautiful campus.
2. Her sister speaks English very well.
3. The letters are in English.
4. The students are taking English lessons.
5. The postman comes very late.
6. The scholarships are for worthy students.
7. Her scholarship is a good one.
8. The doorbell is ringing.
9. My sister in the United States.
10. The university is very large.

1. The Institute of Education gives scholarships to worthy students.
2. It rains a little now.
3. It rains a great deal in the tropics.
4. The bus always stops there.
5. The bus stop at the corner now.
6. We like this class.
7. We study the present tense now.
8. Now we begin to understand some English.
9. This class begin at eight o'clock.
10. I write a long letter now.
11. I write many letters to her.
12. We miss her very much.
13. She has a good time now.
14. Juan always have a good time.
15. The doorbell rings now.
16. The doorbell ring very often.
17. Mr and Mrs. Palacio build a new house.
18. She learns a great deal this year.
19. She always wants to practice it.
20. Juan speaks English very well.

1. I like those people very much.
2. He is giving the news on the radio now.
3. She likes the college town very much.
4. The news is about Michael.
5. You have letters in your pocket.
6. We receive many letters from Juan.
7. Juan is going to a party with Julia.
8. Juan usually answers the question correctly.
9. The teacher is explaining the lesson to the students.
10. They are speaking with the teacher.
11. We like her letters very much.
12. The students like Maria.
13. Maria attends the university.
14. I see Mr. Chamorro every day.
15. Mr. Chamorro is renting the house.

1. The people are ready to go
2. The news is very interesting.
3. They are living in an apartment.
4. The lessons are easy.
5. Juan is a good student.
6. They are speaking to Mr. Bolaños .
7. His name is Pedro.
8. They are standing at the door.
9. He is writing a letter.
10. Juan is very busy now.
11. We are expecting her next year.
12. Juan is having a good time.
13. He is late for dinner.
14. Mr. Juan is coming now.
15. The doorbell is ringing.
16. The address is 85 Calzada Street.
17. The front porch is large.
18. They are renting the house.
19. The bedrooms are upstairs.
20. The house is on Calzada Street.

1. There are many students in the room.
2. There is a big map on the wall.
3. There are classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
4. There is a lecture tomorrow night.
5. There are five children in the family.
6. There is nice front lawn.
7. There are four bedrooms upstairs.
8. There is a telephone downstairs.
9. There are some letters on the desk for you.
10. There are twelve months in a year.

1. Do we listen to the radio after dinner?
2. Does Mrs. Zapata pick out a good steak?.
3. Do you have my order ready?
4. Does the cauliflower cost one dollar?
5. Do I need to buy meat and vegetables?
6. Does Mrs Zapata think that they will do?
7. Does she put the tomatoes in the sun.
8. Does the clerk wait on Mrs. Zapata?
9. Do I have many things to buy?
10. Does she go to the grocery store with Mrs. Zapata?
11. Do they go to New York on business?
12. Does Mr. Zapata has a new car?
13. Do we learn the vocabulary and the idioms of each lesson?
14. Does she want to study English?
15. Do they understand their teacher?
16. Do they speak English and Spanish?
17. Do they have four bedroom in the house?
18. Do they rent the house?

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