viernes, 17 de julio de 2009

Actividad 15: formular la pregunta o responderla según corresponda

1. This engineering course is similar to that one.
2. His tuition is not like Pedro's.
3. Maria's program of studies is different from Pedro's.
4. This application blank is like that one.
5. The schools in one state are similar to the school in another state.
6. A separate liberal arts college is like the corresponding college of a university.
7. A high school diploma is similar to a bachillerato.
8. A Bachelor of Arts degree is different from a bachillerato.
9. The Colombia flag is similar to the Venezuela flag.
10. North American customs are often different from South American customs.
11. Your telephone number is similar to ours.
12. The news clothes are different from the old ones.
13. His new coat is similar to his father's.
14. She and her mother are alike in many ways.

1. How long ago did you have a vacation?
2. How long ago did you read that book?
3. How long ago did you buy that car?
4. How long ago did you send the letter?
5. How long ago did you write to your sister?
6. How long ago did you see your dentist?
7. How long ago did you meet Juan?
8. How long ago did you enter this class?
9. How long ago did you begin to study English?
10. How long ago did she leave?

1. Shall we wait for them?
2. Shall I read the next sentence?
3. When will I call you up?
4. No, I will not leave the office before six o'clock.
5. He will not receive his degree until next year.
6. We shall not have a class tomorrow.
7. The doctor says he will be busy until noon.
8. I will see you in class tomorrow.
9. She will meet us in front of the theater.
10. He will not be able to play tennis today.
11. I will be glad to see them.
12. We shall take a taxi to the station.
13. If the train ins 't late, they will be her for dinner.
14. What time will they arrive?

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