viernes, 17 de julio de 2009

Actividad 10: formular la pregunta o responderla según corresponda

1. Did you receive a letter this morning?
2. Did you expect to see her yesterday?
3. Did she invite you to her party?
4. Did they wait for you after class?
5. Did he use the correct word?
6. Did you sing your name?
7. Did they arrive this morning?
8. Did you miss me last week?
9. Did you notice Maria's new dress?
10. Did he pronounce the words well?
11. Did you like the movie last night?
12. Did the maid answer the door?
13. Did you learn your English here?
14. Did she study hard for her examination?
15. Did she have an appointment with her history professor?
16. Did she dance with him all the time?
17. Did Maria have a date with him last Saturday?
18. Did he walk home with her?
19. Did he ask her to go to the drugstore for a Coke?
20. Did Maria meet Juan in class?

1. Good-bye until tomorrow.
2. I was tired after dancing all night.
3. They are going as far as Florida by plane.
4. She listened to radio before going to bed.
5. We played bridge after dinner.
6. I want to see him before writing this letter.
7. Juan invited Maria to go to the party.
8. We walked as far as the corner together.
9. She is going to be busy after four o'clock.
10. I like to study before class.
11. Our friends were here until midnight.
12. I always read the news paper after breakfast.
13. The train arrived before five o'clock.
14. They are going to the lecture tonight.
15. He ins 't at home now. He is at the office.

1. Did you mean that?
2. Did the teacher stand?
3. Where did I lay my keys?
4. Where did they keep their car?
5. Did she spend a week there?
6. Did you win the prize?
7. Did they take Maria with them?
8. Did she wear her new hat?
9. Did you think of me?
10. Did he tell you the truth?
11. Did she teach English here?
12. Did he swim across the river?
13. Did she speak to you?
14. Did you sleep well last night?
15. Did they shake hands?
16. When did you send the package?
17. Did you ride on the streetcar ?
18. Did he pay for the tickets?
19. Where did Maria meet Juan?
20. Did she make her sweater?

1. How much money did you lend him?
2. Where did I leave my gloves?
3. Did he know her before?
4. Did you here the serenade?
5. Did Maria have a wonderful time?
6. Did he give you his seat?
7. Did the lake freeze in the winter?
8. Did you fly or take a train?
9. Did he feel alright?
10. When did he fall?
11. When did you get the tickets?
12. Where did he hang his coat and hat?
13. Did they drive to the office?
14. Did you drink all your coffee?
15. When did he become a doctor?
16. When did she cut her finger?
17. Why did you choose that hat?
18. Did he break the glass?
19. Did you bring your notebook?
20. Did the class begin on time?

1. Who sang songs to the girls?
2. Who put it there?
3. Where did they go last night?
4. Did she forget her book?
5. Did you have a vacation?
6. Did you write a letter?
7. When did he call me?
8. Where did they sit?
9. What did they say?
10. When did you read it?
11. How much did the movie cost?
12. When did you sell your radio?
13. When did you see him?
14. Where did you find it?
15. What time did you get up?
16. Why did they run?
17. Did you understand well?
18. Where did they eat?
19. When did he come?
20. What did he buy?

1. She used to have a date during the week.
2. Maria used to study almost every night until eleven o'clock.
3. They used to go for a walk every sunday.
4. He used to sing very well.
5. She used to read a book every week.
6. I used to walk home.
7. Our class used to begin at six o'clock.
8. He used to take a bus every morning.
9. I used to forget my books.
10. I used to write many letters.
11. They used to go to the movies every Monday.
12. She used to come to class early.
13. The two friends used to have dinner together.
14. He used to speak Italian very well.
15. We used to see him every day.

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