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Actividad 3: ejercitación de 3º año

Read the following passage carefully:

Information for volunteers coming to the South Sea Islands
There is no electricity on many of the islands, so don’t bring a TV, stereo or electrical kitchen equipment. Bring a radio and a cassette recorder, but get sure that you have enough batteries.
There is no hospital. In an emergency you would have to fly to Australia, which is 1000 miles away.
Take plenty of medicine with you, especially insect repellent, suntan cream, anti-malaria tablets and something for stomach upsets. You will have to boil and sterilize all your drinking water. Diarrhea is a constant problem.
Food is very expensive because most of it is imported. Only a few vegetables grow on the islands and there are no animals, except for a few snakes. There are plenty of fish in the sea but there are sharks there, too!
Life can be boring on the islands. If you get bored easily, then you should not go to live on the islands. Bring a lot of books, some tools and a musical instrument.
Be very careful is you go swimming or sunbathing. You can get sun burnt very easily and you can get bitten or stung by the insects which live in the sand. Storms can start very suddenly, too, although hurricanes usually happen only in the spring and autumn.
Now say whether these sentences about the previous passage are right, wrong or that you don’t know.

a) All the islands have electricity.

b) There is a hospital on one of the largest islands.

c) There are mosquitoes on the islands.

d) It is easy o get sun burnt on the islands.

e) There is no cinema on the islands.

f) The islands produce most of their own food.

g) It is dangerous to swim in the sea around the islands.

h) People get bored easily because there is nothing to do.

i) The weather is always very calm.

3. Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets:

a) Millions of years before animals ___________(live) on land, there ___________(be) plants on the earth.
b) All butterflies __________________(not/look) the same to Sue.
c) My brother ________________(seem) quite interested in _____________(swim)
d) What __________ everybody here ____________(do) for a _____________(live)?
e) __________you still ____________(think) that the _______________(cheap) car is a Volkswagen?
f) Our Headmaster wanted ___________(know) about our language exams last week.
g) Maggie Black ___________(be) a happy, friendly blonde girl who ____________(snow) on the afternoon.
h) Our History Coordinator __________(be) out of his office this afternoon at four o’clock. That’s why some students ____________(leave)their messages on his desk.
i) It is rather _________(wet) today, but I think it __________(snow) in the afternoon.
j) Yesterday we _____________(can/not/work) on the school survey little Tommy and his sister ________________(not/arrive) in time.
k) The Obelisk __________________(tall) than the Opera Theatre.
l) Paul’s wife _____________(have got) a terrible headache. _____________you _______________(have got) an aspirin for her?
m) Paul _____________(not/bring) the grammar books if Peter ___________________(not/ask) him so.
n) How long _________________(live) in this neighborhood?

4. Complete the following sentences with an appropriate word or just nothing

a) What’s ________________ weather ______________?
b) Prices never go down ______________Summer.
c) We’re having ___________ a wedding party ____________ Saturday evening.
d) Tom: what’s _____________ at _____________Grand Rex Cinema?
Bob: ______________concert of ____________rock’ n ’roll music.
e) Can I pay_____________ cash?
f) Nobody wanted to speak ____________Dr. Brown _______________ten o’clock yesterday morning.
g) _____________library is _______________the police station.
h) Christopher isn’t popular; he doesn’t have __________friends_______ enemies.
i) Peter works for himself, so he has __________free time than you, but he earns __________________ money.
j) We don’t have _______________ money to pay ____________ dinner.

5. Improve the following sentences:

a) Where do he spend your holidays last summer?

b) I had an important meet tomorrow but I doesn’t know what clothes to wear.

c) Much people think barter will be used only in primitives agricultural societies.

d) When she will fly o New York I sat next to some very interesting person on the plane.

6. Complete the conversation using the words suggested once or more than once
Watch – first – find – do – so – lot – subjects – much.

Claire: what do you ___________________, Tony?
Tony: I’m a teacher.
Claire: Which ___________________ do you teach?
Tony: English as a Foreign Language and Business Studies. I use your video programs a _______________.
Claire: ________________you? How?
Tony: Well, the class and I ________________ the video program ____________ and then we discuss it.
Claire: And do your students ____________ the programs very interesting?
Tony: yes, I think _____________. I men, I think they like them very ______________.

You are spending your summer holidays in Mar del Plata. Write a postcard to your classmates.

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