lunes, 20 de julio de 2009

Examen: Modelo A 1° año


English test
Level 1
1- Complete the sentences with the correct words:

Mobile phone – argue – sign – call – alphabet.

a) I use my _________________ to call my parents.
b) My brother and my sister don't agree about anything, they ____________ a lot.
c) People who can’t hear, can communicate with ______________ language.
d) We _________________ on the phone every day.
e) A, B, C are letters of the __________________.

2- Complete these sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Use simple present or present continuous.

a) Babies always _______________ (learn) to speak the language of their parents.
b) My baby is just over a year old and she ___________ (start) to say a few words.
c) She ____________ (listen) to me when I talk to her and she ___________ (copy) me.
d) She ________________________ (not understand) my words but my voice and actions make the meaning clear.
e) But right now she ______________________ (not learning) anything. She ___________________ (sleep)

3- Choose the correct tense

a) Karen walks / is walking to school every day.
b) Jack’s in the gym. He plays / is playing basketball.
c) Louise likes / is liking ballet music very much.
d) Sarah does / is doing gym every day Thursday evening.
e) Sarah and Kathie have / are having a tennis lesson at the moment.

4- Write questions

a) ______________________________________ ?
No, Beth isn’t shouting, she is laughing.

b) _________________________________ ?
Yes, Andy is listening to the radio.

c) ___________________________________ ?
No, Kath and Sally aren’t arguing, they are talking.

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