viernes, 17 de julio de 2009

Actividad 16: formular la pregunta o responderla según corresponda

1. Should we write these sentences for tomorrow?
2. Shouldn't you make your reservation now?
3. Should I send the letter by air mail?
4. What time should we be there?
5. Do you think that we should wait for them?
6. Wouldn't they take a taxi?
7. Wouldn't she wait for you?
8. Wouldn't he go with you yesterday?
9. Why did he say that he wouldn't be able to come to the party tomorrow?
10. If you don't fell well, do you think it would be a good idea to call a doctor.
11. Would it be interesting to visit and Indian village?
12. Did he tell you that he would cross the causeway?

1. Would many people like to go to Florida in the winter?
2. Did you say that you would have sometime to see me now?
3. Would they like to go for a walk with us?
4. Would you like to review this lesson?
5. Would they like to live in Brazil?
6. Would she like to read that book?
7. Would you like to dance?
8. Would you like to speak English well?
9. I would have sent it to her but I didn't know her address.
10. You should study this lesson carefully.
11. We should go now if we want to be on time.
12. He wouldn't come with us because it was late.
13. Would you help me, please?
14. He would always come to class early.
15. He would study before going to school.

1. I couldn't come to the last class.
2. Can you tell me where she is?
3. You can travel by plane or by train.
4. She said that she could be there by noon.
5. You can see the Washington Monument from here.
6. He said that he couldn't wait for us.
7. He says that he can not wait for us.
8. No one could translate that sentence.
9. Who can translate that sentence?
10. Could we finish the book this year.
11. We could have come earlier.
12. I could have sent it by air mail.

1. We will have to pay for it immediately.
2. You will have to get up early.
3. They will have to take a train at six o'clock.
4. You will have to see her before class.
5. We will have to be on time.
6. We had to ask the driver for change.
7. She had to write some letters.
8. Pedro had to call her up.
9. Maria had to see the doctor.
10. You had to wait for a bus.
11. The teacher has to explain it again.
12. They have to go now.
13. He has to leave home early tomorrow.
14. They have to learn the new words.
15. We have to write this exercise.

1. You should realize that New York is not the United State.
2. You should not forget your book.
3. I should call her up and tell her about our plans.
4. I should answer this letter immediately.
5. He should not drive so fast; it is dangerous.
6. She should not talk so much.
7. We should come to class regularly.
8. We should always speak English in class.
9. We should go to English lectures in order to train our ear.
10. We should study our English a little every day.

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