viernes, 17 de julio de 2009

Actividad 14: formular la pregunta o responderla según corresponda

1. The trip itself is very expensive, even without the cost of hotel rooms.
2. If you do it yourself, you know that is done.
3. Please do the work yourself.
4. The theater itself is not beautiful, but the shows are good.
5. The house itself is not large, but it is comfortable.
6. I gave the telegram to Mr. Pedro myself.
7. Mrs. Maria answered the phone herself.
8. She doesn't like to eat by herself.
9. Sometimes you have to introduce yourself to other people.
10. Please read to yourself, not aloud.
11. We excused ourselves because we had to leave.
12. Did you hurt yourself when you fell?
13. Why don't you speak for yourself.
14. She lives by herself.
15. I need to buy myself a new hat.
16. Maria took the bus herself.

1. I met some North Americans there.
2. His father gave him some money.
3. You don't need any coat today.
4. She didn't have any mistakes on her paper.
5. Did you buy some stamps?
6. Would you like some dessert now?
7. There isn't any paper in the desk.
8. There is some paper in the desk.
9. There aren't any magazines on the table.
10. There are some magazines on the table.
11. Are there any people in the waiting room?
12. Are there some people in the waiting room?
13. Here are some pills for your headache.
14. Here is some money, if you need it.

1. Are there some seats in the center of the theater?
2. Did you buy some vegetables for dinner?
3. Did you receive some letters today?
4. Do you need some stamps?
5. Do you have some paper for dictation?
6. Are there any classes on Saturday?
7. Do you have any time to write it this afternoon?
8. Is there any sugar in the house?
9. Do you have any money for a tip?
10. Is there any good music on the radio?

1. She asks no question in class.
2. She doesn't ask any question in class.
3. I received no letter today.
4. I didn't receive any letter today.
5. We have no hot water today.
6. We don't have any hot water today.
7. There are no students absent today.
8. There aren't any students absent today.
9. There is no time like the present.
10. There isn't any time like the present.
11. There is no heat in the the building.
12. There isn't any heat in the building.
13. We have no time for that now.
14. We don't have any time for that now.
15. They have no fireplace in their house.
16. They don't have any fireplace in their house.
17. The room has no windows in it.
18. The room doesn't have any windows in it.
19. He notices no difference in their pronunciation.
20. He doesn't notice any difference in their pronunciation.

1. Did Maria ask her to dance?
2. Did she ask him to wait for her?
3. Who advised you to enter in this class?
4. Where did he tell us to buy that book?
5. Did she tell the druggist to fill her prescriptions?
6. Did you let her use your book?
7. Do parents here let their daughters go to the movies without a chaperon?
8. Do you want them to go with you?
9. Do you want me to help you with your pronunciation?
10. Does your teacher advise you to study?

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