viernes, 17 de julio de 2009

Actividad 11: formular la pregunta o responderla según corresponda

1. She hung her coat over mine.
2. The plane flew over the city.
3. The wastebasket is under the desk.
4. He put his hat under the seat.
5. He jumped over the hole.
6. We flew about the clouds.
7. During our plane trip, we saw many mountains below us.
8. I live on the fourth. He lives over me on the fifth floor.
9. The money rolled under the chair.
10. Usually It is not so cold, about ten or twenty degrees about cero.
11. In the winter the temperature is sometimes below cero.
12. Mr Pedro hung a beautiful mirror over the fireplace.

1. We walked through the garden.
2. She was waiting in the front door.
3. The thief went through the house and jumped out of the window.
4. I did not see him come from the store.
5. He took the money out of his pocket.
6. They are going to the park.
7. They are walking toward the corner.
8. Mr Pedro went into the bank.
9. He was at the bank for a few minutes.
10. Then he went out of the bank.
11. He went to the office.
12. He went into his office.
13. He is at his office now.
14. Pedro went to the movie.
15. He went into the theater.
16. Now he is at the theater.

1. Is it above me or below me?
2. Is it near or far from me?
3. Is it behind me or in front of me?
4. Is it inside or outside?
5. Is it ugly or beautful?
6. Is it yours or mine?
7. Is it light brown or dark brown?
8. Is it heavy or light?
9. Is it round or square?
10. Is it wide or narrow?
11. Is it hard or soft?
12. Is it high or low?
13. Is it long or short?
14. Is it big or little?
15. Is it large or small?

1. He lent a dollar to his sister.
2. I sent a book to Juan for her birthday.
3. When are you going to write a letter to Maria.
4. She told a story to the class.
5. She taught Spanish to North Americans.
6. I took the flower to my friend.
7. They sang sons for Maria.
8. Please show your photographs toMrs. Maria.
9. He sold his car to his brother.
10. I am goint to leave my book for him.
11. She is getting a glass of water for you.
12. We sent the photograph to her.
13. He read the letter to us.
14. She gave the book to him.
15. Yes, I bought the ticket for you.

1. She said to me, "I don't believe everything he told us.
2. What did she say when you saw her?
3. They said some good stories last night.
4. Maria said that she liked Juan very much.
5. Did she tell your fortune with tea leaves?
6. Did you ever tell a lie?
7. He always said the truth.
8. Did he tell you about his vacation?
9. What did you tell her?
10. What did you say?
11. He told me that he was sick yesterday.
12. I said that I did not understand English.
13. My friends told me that English was difficult.
14. Mr Pedro told his wife that he was going to Florida.
15. She said to me. "I understand almost al the movie".
16. She said, " The movie was wonderful".
17. She told me that she went to movie last night.
18. She said that she went to the movie.
19. She told us that they were not at home.
20. She said that those people were not at home.
21. He said that the suit was ready.
22. The man told me that my suite was ready.

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