viernes, 17 de julio de 2009

Actividad 7: formular la pregunta o responderla según corresponda

1. What do you like to do during your vacation?
2. What do you like to do on Saturday?
3. How do you like the lectures?
4. How do you like the house?
5. How do you like her hat?
6. Does Juana like to dance?
7. Do they like the teacher?
8. Do they like the English class?
9. Do you like to speak English?
10. When do you like to listen to the radio?
11. Do you like music?
12. Does Juana like the United States?
13. Do you like to drink coffee or tea?
14. Which do you like best, carrots, mangos, or jocote?
15. When do you like to go the movies?
16. Do you like the movies?

1. What is your professional or occupation?
2. Is she a teacher or a secretary?
3. Is his friend an engineer?
4. Is Mr. Zapata a doctor?
5. Are you a salesman?
6. Is he a bank clerk?
7. Is Mr. Zapata a clerk?
8. What is your nationality?
9. Are you Latin American?
10. Is Mr. Zapata a North American?

1. His store is opposite the bank.
2. Besides a coat, I need a new hat.
3. Masaya is near Managua.
4. Her house is far from downtown.
5. My sister lives opposite the church.
6. The car is in front of the house.
7. He is standing next to the blackboard.
8. The teacher is standing in front of the class.
9. He always sit beside the windows.
10. She is sitting near the door.
11. Besides vegetables, I need to buy meet, milk and juice.
12. They live near the corner.
13. The garden is behind the house.
14. There is a nice car in front of the house.
15. She is sitting beside me.
16. He is sitting next to me.

1. Does she have dinner early?
2. I see Juana at lunch.
3. The maid opens the door.
4. We see those people every day.
5. The news is very good.
6. I have my books with me.
7. The university is very old.
8. The president is speaking now.
9. The students are working hard.
10. Juana is a students.
11. He is taking his son with me.
12. I am waiting for my sister.
13. I have a surprise for my friends.
14. Where is my English book.
15. The money is on the desk.

1. The people in this class wants to learn English.
2. There are not many people in the bank now.
3. There is some good news for you in this letter.
4. The news is bad tonight.
5. There are many Latin American in the United States.
6. She needs to buy vegetables.
7. There is garden in the back yard.
8. There are four rooms upstairs.
9. The house has a nice green lawn.
10. She has many books.
11. He understands the words.
12. I explain the lesson.
13. He goes to class early.
14. Are you from New York.
15. He comes from Brazil.

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