viernes, 17 de julio de 2009

Actividad 13: formular la pregunta o responderla según corresponda

1. Pedro called up Maria for a date.
2. Pedro called Maria to ask her for a date.
3. Pedro is doing his homework for his Spanish class.
4. Pedro is studying tonight for an examination.
5. They stayed after class to sing.
6. They stayed after class to the lecture.
7. We invited Maria to our house for dinner.
8. We invited Maria to our house to have dinner.
9. Then she went to the florist's to buy some flowers.
10. She went to the post office for mail a letter.
11. I seldom go to the movies during the week
12. I saw him twice during the week.
13. I went to the lake for a week during my vacation.
14. It rained for an hour during the afternoon.

1. How long did you stay in the country?
2. How long was he sick?
3. How long were you downtown this morning?
4. How long did you play tennis yesterday?
5. How long did you wait for her?
6. How long were you busy?
7. How long was she in the market place?
8. How long was he with his wife?
9. How long were they with you?
10. How long was my mother here?

1. Why were you absent yesterday?
2. Why did you go to the bank this morning?
3. Why did you take a taxi?
4. Why did you go to the library?
5. Why did you go to the drugstore?
6. Why did they sit downstairs?
7. Why did they go to the Karawala Theater?
8. Why did he hang up the receiver at first?
9. Why did Pedro call her up?
10. Why did you go to the United States?
11. Why are you studying French.?
12. Why is she in my house?
13. Why is he my favorite friends?
14. Why is she playing?
15. Why is my dog playing with my enemy

1. Which book of the tree from the library are you reading?
2. What book are you reading?
3. Which students in the class understood the lecture?
4. Which man in the class is Mr. Pedro?
5. What is more comfortable, a bus or a streetcar?
6. What kind of music do you like?
7. Which language does he speak, English or Spanish?
8. Which building across the street is the library?
9. What are you eating now?
10. What did the bus driver say?
11. Which was the reason for your absence?
12. What was the result of your election?
13. Which is the best way to go to theater?
14. What is our homework for tomorrow?
15. Which is the price of the theater tickets?
16. What is the bus fare?
17. Which is the building opposite the library?
18. What is your first name?
19. What is the name of this book?

1. She has a new red dress and also a new black one.
2. That camera is small, but it is a good one.
3. In the living room we have one large lamp and two small ones.
4. We are going to sing old songs and new ones.
5. In the library there are books of all sizes, big ones, and small ones.
6. We have a blue book and a light brown one.
7. This lesson is easy. The last one was more difficult.
8. This street and the next one have some good stores.
9. This seat is more comfortable than that one.
10. The green buses are new. The red ones are old.
11. I don't like to ride in the old taxis. I like the new ones.
12. Is this taxi taken? Yes, but that one ins 't.

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